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11 projects in 2006B right arrow Project Status [Authentication required]
ID PI Obs Type Instrument Title Time Allocated Time Observed
06BT03 Puravankara, Manoj QSO WIRCam The IMF in Cemetery Globule Gal 96-15: the influence of external trigger on the formation of
low-mass stars and brown dwarfs
1.3  hours 1.3  hours
06BT05 Chiueh, Tzi-Hong QSO MegaCam Galaxy Clusters as a Dark Energy Probe 15.0  hours 12.7  hours
06BT06 Lyo, A-Ran QSO WIRCam Search for a nearby intermediate-aged pre-main sequence stellar cluster (WIRCam) 1.5  hours 1.5  hours
06BT07 Nakashima, Jun-ichi Classical EsPADOnS Spectropolarimetric Observations toward AGB Stars with a possible Rotating Disk 0.5  night
06BT08 Muller, Sebastien QSO WIRCam Looking our closest neighbor with WIRCam 4.5  hours 4.5  hours
06BT09 Soumen, Mondal QSO WIRCam Detection and Characterization of the Substellar Population and Surrounding Dusty Disks in IC~348 6.9  hours 6.9  hours
06BT11 Chen, Huei-Ru QSO WIRCam Searching Embedded Stellar Content in the W3/W4 Ridge 4.7  hours 4.1  hours
06BT13 Shang, Hsien QSO WIRCam Searching Remnant Outflow Cavities in Near-IR Around Young T Tauri Stars 1.5  hours 1.5  hours
06BT15 Dinh, Van-Trung Classical EsPADOnS probing rotating disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars 1.5 nights
06BT16 Huang, Li-Jin QSO WIRCam Are GRBs with redshift z$>$ 6 common or not ? 7.7  hours 7.1  hours
06BT17 Shang, Hsien Classical AOB Imagine the Remnant Cavities around Young T-Tauri Stars with the AO 1.0  night

Acknowledgement of Publications with CFHT Data

Publications based on data taken with and through Taiwan's access to the CFHT from Jan 1 2011 should contain the following acknowledgement:
Access to the CFHT was made possible by the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica.
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