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Members in Taipei, Taiwan
Wang, Shiang-Yu Deputy Director; Research Fellow
Specialty: Infrared sensor, Optical/Infrared Instrumentation, Semiconductor devices
ASMAB1011 (02)2366-5338
Wang, Wei-Hao Research Fellow
Specialty: Multiwavelength observational studies of galaxy formation and evolution at high redshift
ASMAB1210 (02)2366-5394
Lin, Yen-Ting Associate Research Fellow (Tenured)
Specialty: Formation and evolution of galaxies and galaxy clusters; Galaxy-halo connection
ASMAB1317 (02)2366-5443
Shang, Hsien Associate Research Fellow (Tenured)
Specialty: Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics, Star and Planet Formation, Magnetohydrodynamics, Meteorites, Origins of the Solar System
ASMAB1216 (02)2366-5404
Wen, Chih-Yi Senior Research Engineer
Specialty: Instrument Software Engineering, High Energy Physics
ASMAB1012 (02)2366-5339
Chou, Chueh-Yi Assistant Research Engineer
Specialty: Galaxy evolution, astronomical instrumentation
ASMAB1308 (02)2366-5416
Jian, Hung-Yu Support Scientist
Specialty: Large-Scale Structures, Galaxy evolution, Galaxy group and cluster finding
ASMAB1406 (02)2366-5467
Karr, Jennifer Support Scientist
Specialty: Star Formation & Interstellar Medium
ASMAB1405 (02)2366-5465
Ling, Hung-Hsu PFS System Engineer
Specialty: CCD/CMOS imaging, infrared detection, molecular beam epitaxy, quantum structure based devices
ASMAB1403 (02)2366-5459
Yan, Chi-Hung OIR/EPO Support Engineer
Specialty: OIR Image Pipeline, Radio Astronomy
ASMAB1025 (02)2366-5355
Zhang, Zhi-Wei Kiwi TAOS Support Engineer/Scientist
Specialty: Astronomical Image Process, Computer Language Programming
ASMAB1411 (02)2366-5453
Hsieh, Bau-Ching Specialist
Specialty: High-z Galaxies, Large Scale Structure, Galaxy and Galaxy Cluster, Near Infrared/ Optical Astronomy
ASMAB1406 (02)2366-5468
Chang, Yin-Chang Technical Staff-OIR
Specialty: Mechanical Engineering; Infrared Semi conductor field
ASMAB1025 (02)2366-5358
Visiting scholars outside of IAA
Suyu, Sherry Visiting Scholar(Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics)
Specialty: Observational cosmology, Galaxy formation and evolution, Dark matter halos of galaxies, Gravitational lensing, Bayesian data analysis methods
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