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Approved Programs

9 projects in 2010A right arrow Project Status [Authentication required]
ID PI Obs Type Instrument Title Time Allocated Time Observed
10AT01 Ngeow, Chow Choong QSO MegaCam Cepheids and Long Period Variables in NGC 4258 4.0  hours 4.0  hours
10AT03 Wang, Wei-Hao QSO WIRCam Deep J-Band Imaging of the Strong Lensing Cluster A2390 5.0  hours 5.0  hours
10AT04 Lin, Li-Hwai QSO WIRCam WIRCAM Imaging in Extended GOODS-N: Searching for the Most Luminous Galaxies at z > 7 12.0  hours 12.0  hours
10AT06 Chen, Ying-Tung QSO MegaCam Tacking the NGVS trans-Neptunians, measuring the migration of Neptune 11.0  hours 9.2  hours
10AT07 Chiang, Po-Shih Snapshot WIRCam Identification of T Dwarfs with Methane Imaging 1.0   hour 0.8   hour
10AT08 Umetsu, Keiichi QSO MegaCam Constraining the Galaxy Population Evolution in Clusters of Galaxies 10.0  hours 6.0  hours
10AT09 Lu, Ting-Ni QSO MegaCam Joint CFHT/HST/Chandra Observations of the Galactic Globular Clusters Terzan 3 and NGC 6535 0.5   hour 0.5   hour
10AT18 Urata, Yuji QSO MegaCam Optical Monitoring of Gamma-ray Burst afterglows 7.0  hours 7.0  hours
10AT19 Hsieh, Tien-Hao QSO WIRCam Searching for Outflow Signatures in Extremely Young YSO Candidates 4.5  hours 4.5  hours

Acknowledgement of Publications with CFHT Data

Publications based on data taken with and through Taiwan's access to the CFHT from Jan 1 2011 should contain the following acknowledgement:
Access to the CFHT was made possible by the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica.
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