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Approved Programs

4 projects in 2009B right arrow Project Status [Authentication required]
ID PI Obs Type Instrument Title Time Allocated Time Observed
09BT02 Hu, Juei-Hwa QSO MegaCam Search for Halo White Dwarfs in the CFHTLS Deep Survey 4.0  hours 4.0  hours
09BT04 Urata, Yuji QSO MegaCam Optical Monitoring of Gamma-ray Burst afterglows 10.0  hours 8.7  hours
09BT05 Wang, Wei-Hao QSO WIRCam Ks-Band Legacy Survey in the Extended Chandra Deep Field-South 20.0  hours 20.0  hours
09BT06 Lin, Li-Hwai QSO WIRCam Environment of Galaxy Mergers at z = 1 18.8  hours 18.8  hours

Acknowledgement of Publications with CFHT Data

Publications based on data taken with and through Taiwan's access to the CFHT from Jan 1 2011 should contain the following acknowledgement:
Access to the CFHT was made possible by the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica.
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