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Approved Programs

12 projects in 2007B right arrow Project Status [Authentication required]
ID PI Obs Type Instrument Title Time Allocated Time Observed
07BT01 Urata, Yuji QSO WIRCam Multi-frequency follow-up of gamma-ray burst afterglows by Swift 5.0  hours 3.5  hours
07BT02 Phan, Bao-Ngoc Classical EsPADOnS Measuring magnetic fields in fully-convextive stars 0.6  night 0.6  night
07BT03 Dinh, Van-Trung Classical EsPADOnS Search for magnetic field in binary post-AGB stars 0.2  night
07BT04 Lim, Jeremy QSO WIRCam Spatial distribution of hot molecular hydrogen gas in Perseus A 6.8  hours 6.8  hours
07BT05 Hsieh, Bau-Ching QSO WIRCam Probing the Dark Age - A Deep WIRCam J Survey for z>7 galaxies in the extended Chandra Deep
19.0  hours 19.0  hours
07BT06 Chiueh, Tzi-Hong QSO MegaCam Galaxy Clusters as a Dark Energy Probe 4.6  hours 4.6  hours
07BT07 Gu, Pin-Gao Classical EsPADOnS Magnetic fields of 3 late-type stars: hd 179949, tauBootis and hd115383 0.2  night
07BT08 Umetsu, Keiichi QSO WIRCam Testing the cold dark matter paradigm with cluster gravitational lensing 11.0  hours 11.0  hours
07BT10 Kinoshita, Daisuke Snapshot WIRCam Near-Infrared Photometry of a Space Mission Target Asteroid 4.0  hours 4.0  hours
07BT11 Lin, Kai-Yang QSO MegaCam Supporting weak lensing study on dark matter profile of galaxy clusters 1.0   hour 1.0   hour
07BT13 Shang, Hsien QSO WIRCam Searching remnant outflow cavities in the IR around young stars 3.0  hours 0.0   hour
07BT99 Yan, Chi-Hung QSO WIRCam Star Formation Activity in IC1396 1.5  hours 1.5  hours

Acknowledgement of Publications with CFHT Data

Publications based on data taken with and through Taiwan's access to the CFHT from Jan 1 2011 should contain the following acknowledgement:
Access to the CFHT was made possible by the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica.
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